To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Flick from page to page as you try to complete the
riddles and puzzles of The Paper Labyrinth.

The Paper Labyrinth is our best selling book series and a collection of puzzles and riddles that are all interconnected in some way, be it leading you to another page within the book, or being a component of a puzzle you are already working on.

The series comprises of two main parts; 'The Paper Labyrinth' and 'Return to the Paper Labyrinth', as well as a spin off activity 'The Power of Four'.



The Paper Labyrinth

Riddles, Puzzles & Cryptic Clues.

One connected adventure.

Our best selling book is a mix of puzzles of varying difficulties that all connect to eachother, either having an answer that sends you to another page in the book or part of a puzzle that you are already working on.

Perfect for ages 11+, The Paper Labyrinth contains hints, solutions and a route checker inside so you won't need anything except the book to play (no internet required!).


Return to the Paper Labyrinth

The Labyrinth deepens.

Continue directly from the end of The Paper Labyrinth. The journey begins to become more complex with more puzzles than ever and a few twists along the way.


The Power of Four

Four heads are better than one.

Work together (or apart) to solve challenging puzzles.

Created during the lockdown of 2020, The Power of Four is a unique Paper Labyrinth-style spin off game designed to be played by four players. You all need to communicate exactly what you have in front of you to help you solve seven quadrilateral puzzles!

The Power of Four is available as both a digital download and a paperback. Paperback copies contain a discount code so you will get a free digital version should you need it!


The Complete Edition

The Complete Paper Labyrinth Collection.

Contains 'The Paper Labyrinth', 'Return to the Paper Labyrinth' and 'The Power of Four', all condensed into one complete edition. Perfect for taking on a long journey or as a gift!