The Paper Labyrinth : Anniversary Edition

The Paper Labyrinth : Anniversary Edition

To celebrate the first anniversary of our bestselling puzzle book The Paper Labyrinth, we have a short limited edition run printed on a luxury heavy paper stock with an exclusive minimal cover design.


The puzzles featured in the book are the same as the standard The Paper Labyrinth edition, if you already have it! 


The Paper Labyrinth is a unique puzzle book filled with one long series of interconnected puzzles and riddles, solving each page might send you elsewhere in the book or give you a clue to a puzzle you are already solving. It's our best selling book and we thought we'd celebrate it's first birthday with this limited edition!

  • Yes, it's the same book, just printed on a new luxury heavy paper stock, with a new cover design.

    The Anniversary Edition is edition 1.3 of the book, first published July 2020 (and is the most current edition).

  • To create what feels like a more special iteration of our puzzle book, we have printed it onto heavier paper, the book is 50% heavier than the standard edition, yet contains the same pages. We felt it feels softer to the touch and a more prestigious copy of the book!