Enjoy some extra Paper Labyrinth puzzles with this unique mini game.


The game is composed of a set of two double sided bookmarks printed on sturdy 400gsm card with a gold foil effect on the front faces.


Bookmarks are definitely useful to have when you're solving a puzzle book, so we thought why not have something you can solve when you're finished! These two bookmarks were originally released (one each) with 'The Paper Labyrinth' and 'Return to the Paper Labyrinth' as part of the 2021 Kickstarter campaign. The idea being that once you have the 2nd book, you can combine your bookmarks to form an extra challenge!


The puzzles themselves are of a low to moderate difficulty and the whole game should take around 15-20 minutes to complete, though this varies for everyone! 


Should you already have one bookmark, you can purchase the bookmarks individually as well as in a pair. The puzzles on these bookmarks are the same as on the original edition blue coloured bookmarks - so you can still match up if you have one of those!


Solutions to the puzzles on the bookmark can be found in your copy of 'Return to the Paper Labyrinth' or 'The Paper Labyrinth : The Complete Edition'.

The Paper Labyrinth : Bookmarks Game