3 Mini Adventures;

The Invitation (previously release)

Triptych (New)

Balefire (New Cut and Build)

Collection of mini puzzle adventures.

Suitable for ages 8+

Adult supervision advised for the cutting and sticking!

Is your brain worthy of the secret guild of StoneKeepers?

See if you can solve this collection of three adventures where you will solve puzzles across different sheets to present the StoneKeepers with code words and runes.

Collection includes 'The Invitation' (previously released, and available as a digital download) - Around 60 minutes play time. Triptych (new adventure) - Around 30 minutes play time. And 'Balefire' (new 'Cut Out and Construct' puzzle) - Which will take you around 60-90 minutes, including building time!

Plenty of puzzles to keep you busy for a full afternoon at home!