Work as a team and explore The Last Pyramid.
Solve the puzzles, stop the clocks and bank time to break into the pyramid's vaults.


90 minutes of immersive Zoom adventure designed for 4-8 players, hosted by a live actor. It's packed full of engaging puzzles and games and there even might be a prize or two to be won!

Playing from outside the UK? We love that! Please be aware that the show times on our booking page are UK time. If you've any questions at all or any special requests or requirements, fire us an email to and we'll get back to you pronto!

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“Ultimate Quest have created a unique gameplay experience for unbelievable value.


"A phenomenal virtual experience."


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The Game

How long does the game run?

The entire experience lasts roughly 90 minutes. Please make sure you join the zoom 5 minutes before your ticket time! You will be introduced to your host who will explain the rules of the games, then you will spend 60 minutes playing games and travelling around The Pyramid, after this you will all work together to gain access to The Vaults and then attempt to escape!

How difficult are the puzzles?

In designing the game, we were really conscious that our players will all have different skill sets and abilities and so we've created a wide range of different styles (and difficulties) of puzzles for you to play. Your live host too will help you choose the best games for you and your team! There are more games in the show than you will have time to play, so if a game isn't ever for you, you can always leave it and go onto another!

Is this just the same as The Last Pyramid puzzle book?

This game is set within the same universe and in fact the same Pyramid as the book, so expect the same lush colourful 3D visuals! However the format of the game and over 25 puzzles are totally new for this game - it's now a team activity, much more interactive and most importantly against the clock!


I can't make my booking, what can I do?

Unfortunately our bookings are non refundable, however we can offer to reschedule your show to another convenient date free of charge depending if there is a show available and you have given us at least 24 hours notice by emailing

Can I buy a gift ticket or voucher for a friend?

Yes, we offer a personalised digital gift voucher. Visit our online shop, select your team size and add a personalised message for the giftee!

What do I need in order to play?

The most important things you'll need to play are a computer or laptop with a decent internet connection, a webcam and a microphone and access to Zoom Meetings. Be sure to try out Zoom before your game if this is the first time you are using it! For some of the games you might also need a piece of paper and something to write with or your mobile phone, so it's good to keep those handy too!

I've never done an escape room or anything similar, is this for me?

Absolutely! If you're familiar with Adventure gameshows such as Fort Boyard, The Crystal Maze etc, this is very much in a similar ballpark. There are a wide variety of different games and challenges - hopefully something for everyone! Your host will make sure you are all totally immersed in the adventure and will be sure to make sure you and your team have an amazing time!