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Ultimate Quest was founded in 2019 by a creatively frustrated bloke sat on a train to London (that's me, Charlie). I really loved what I did for a living, designing games and puzzles for escape rooms and the like but it never felt quite right. Great ideas would often be spoiled by executives and their need for control and great ideas that went on to be a success they would just take all the credit for. Something had to change for me.


One day on that train to London, I thought about buying a puzzle book to entertain me on the journey, and hopefully fuel my creative juices a bit too. I went into the newsagents at the station and all I could see were endless crosswords and sudoku books, nothing like the books that I imagined would exist. So, with many hours to spare, I started making my own and a few months later it was released - Ultimate Quest was born!

From then I worked on (often scribbling into notebooks in my back pocket at another job) other books including 'Facsimile' and 'The Paper Labyrinth'. The latter really took off and opened up my books to a much wider audience. I am extremely grateful that it has allowed me to focus on this much more than I could at the start!

I do everything from the ground up, from creating and designing the puzzles, the cover art, this website… if you order from the Shop page on here too it is me packing your order! 


My ambition is to make exciting and original puzzles, games and activities that you can enjoy. Hearing from you - the players - is absolutely what I live for and the reason I love to do this, nothing gives me more joy! 

Happy puzzling!

Charlie :)

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