Ultimate Quest was founded in 2019 by a creatively frustrated bloke sat on a train to London (that's me, Charlie). I really loved what I did for a living, designing games and puzzles for escape rooms and the like but never felt truly fulfilled.

One day, whilst embarking on a long train journey to a meeting in London, I contemplated buying a book of puzzles to entertain me on the journey and hopefully fuel my creative juices that day. Upon entering the newsagents at the station I found nothing but sudoku and crossword books, not the captivating and engaging puzzle books I imagined would exist. So I found myself on that train journey - and the way back - devising my own. This eventually became 'Make Puzzles Great Again' which was released that July.

From then I worked on (often scribbling into notebooks in my back pocket at another job) other books including 'Facsimile' and 'The Paper Labyrinth'. The latter really taking off and opening up my books to a much wider audience, which I am grateful has allowed me to focus on this as my primary work.

Having worked in the entertainment industry pretty much my entire life, I'm now trying to create a company that will put you (the players) and the wonderful entertainers before profits. Entertainment should be about entertaining and that is what I want to achieve. To me, there's nothing more heartwarming than folks having a great time playing games and puzzles that you've put your soul into.

It's been a difficult past year but I'm really proud to finally offer some entertainer-led interactive experiences that you and your friends can play together over zoom, as well as a having a few new books in the works!

If you've got this far through my exceedingly long waffle, thank you again for being here, for supporting my small business and I hope I (and our fabulous entertainers) can continue to entertain you for plenty of time to come!

Charlie :)