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Free Puzzles!

Here's a selection of free games for you to download and play! Whether you fancy a complex cosmic challenge or are feeling handy and fancy building your own 3D puzzle, there's something for you to try out here!


The Last Pyramid:

Print out, cut out and construct your own 3D puzzle diorama from the world of The Last Pyramid - then try and solve it!

Includes illustrated instructions and extra parts so you can solve the puzzle twice!


Paper Maze

Even our tissue paper is a puzzle to solve! You can download and solve it here without needing to purchase anything!

Will you find the hidden message?


A Challenge of
Cosmic Proportions

Created for NewScientist's 2022 Christmas Issue, this fiendish 3-page challenge combines multiple puzzles in combination to conceal multiple hidden messages! Think you can solve it?

All content for this game is hosted by NewScientist.


Mysteries of the Museum

Created for NewScientist's 2023 Christmas Issue. Navigate your way through this perplexing museum solving puzzles on your journey - but can you uncover the museum's greatest secret?

All content for this game is hosted by NewScientist.

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