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Solve a collection of puzzles in order, then allow the book to predict your final answer - even if you change it at every stage.

Fortune! is a short but fun mini puzzle game that can be played alone and without the need for the internet. (Though a pencil and a six sided die could be useful to have with you!)

Are you smart enough to reach Stage Eight?

And just how does the book predict your answer?

The game consists of eight stages plus a final stage. Each of the stages are made up of one or two part puzzles of different styles, some are word and number puzzles, others require logic or a good eye for shapes.

The game usually takes people around an hour to complete, but there are also lots of hidden easter eggs in the book once you have completed it and allowed the book to predict your final answer!


Fortune! is available as a paperback book or as a digital download*. 

(*Some features of the post-game experience are not featured in the digital edition.)

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