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Exclusive to is the new 2023 hardback edition of the Complete Paper Labyrinth complete with the Paper Labyrinth bookmark game (2 bookmarks).


Each copy contains all of the puzzles, hints and solution from the following titles;

  • 'The Paper Labyrinth' - Published 2019.
  • 'Return to the Paper Labyrinth - Published 2021.
  • and 'The Paper Labyrinth : The Power of Four' - Published 2020.

(all copies also include a discount code so that you can download 'The Power of Four' for free!)


The Paper Labyrinth is an interconnected puzzle adventure. Every puzzle or riddle's answer sends you somewhere else in the book or gives you a component for a puzzle you're already working on. All of the puzzles are of a wide variety of styles and difficulties so that should you get stuck, you won't be for long. The adventure continues in 'Return to the Paper Labyrinth', but the journey becomes even more labyrinthine with split decisions and a few red herring routes too!


The book contains hints and solutions should you ever get stuck on your adventure.


This hardback is wrapped in a smooth matt laminated cover for the first time. (As opposed to the glossy cover on the original 2021 edition)

The Paper Labyrinth : The Complete Edition (2023 Hardback)

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