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Four heads are STILL better than one!


Return to The Power of Four for an all new game with seven new quadrilateral puzzles!


Engage on a puzzle solving adventure as you and three friends take on seven new four-sided challenges designed to make you work together. Distribute your packs between you and play over the phone or over video call - you must solve the puzzles together, without seeing what your friends have in front of them!


Don't worry you don't need to have played Volume I in order to play this, it's totally standalone!


A physical puzzle book edition is also now available, should you want to have your pages in person.


Suitable for ages 12+. Gameplay takes on average around 60-90 minutes.

This download consists of a .zip file containing 5 PDFs (approx 9MB in size)

Four packs (one for each player, 9 pages long) plus a separate Solutions PDF.

The Paper Labyrinth : The Power of Four Volume II (Download)

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