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Can your four heads crack the final challenges?


Volume III is the third and final installment of The Power of Four! Will you make it to the end?


Take on the final puzzle solving adventure as you and three friends take on seven new four-sided challenges designed to make you work together plus a final eighth puzzle to complete the series! Distribute your packs between you and play over the phone or over video call - you must solve the puzzles together, without seeing what your friends have in front of them!


You need to have played both Volumes I and II in order to complete this game! (Especially the final puzzle!)


Suitable for ages 12+. Gameplay takes on average around 60-90 minutes.

This download consists of a .zip file containing 5 PDFs (approx 7MB in size)

Four packs (one for each player, 11 pages long) plus a separate Solutions PDF.

The Paper Labyrinth : The Power of Four Volume III (Download)

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