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The Last Pyramid : Robot Rescue Jigsaw Board Game

The final piece of this puzzle is only the beginning...

Race your rivals to rescue a fellow robot from the grip of a black hole!

First build the jigsaw, then play!

Teleport around the board and even demolish the board itself as you race across to the rescue!

This package contains;

  • 300 x Laser cut wooden jigsaw pieces - making the game board (approx 18" x 12" / 46 x 31cm when completed)

  • 5 x 3D Printed Last Pyramid Robots (game pieces)

  • 1 x Custom Game Die

  • Fabric bags for both your jigsaw and game pieces.

  • A reference sheet with instructions and game rules.

Exclusive to

The only place you can get your hands on our limited edition jigsaw game!

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