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The Last Pyramid : Adventure Puzzle Book

Venture deep into space to solve puzzles against the clock. The faster you solve them, the more time you'll have for the final challenge!

Our first full colour puzzle adventure book. Explore the interior of the pyramid and take on its many challenges. There are a wide variety of puzzle types and difficulties so everyone can play!

Some puzzles are simply printed onto the pages - some you'll need to use your phone / PC / TV to play along! And every challenge is against the clock!

The quicker you solve each puzzle, the more time you'll collect for your final mind-bending challenge! Not every puzzle requires the internet but it certainly makes the experience more exciting. It's great to play with more than one player too!

This game is available in both English and German.

Paperback Edition (English)

Are you ready to take on the challenge of The Last Pyramid?


Deutsche Ausgabe

Kannst du alle Rätsel lösen und deine Freiheit zurückzugewinnen?

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