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The Power of Four Series (The Paper Labyrinth)

Four heads are better than one! Gather together a band of four to challenge these games! Seven challenges are designed to make you communicate and work as a team. Without seeing each others papers, you are going to have to work together! A variety of puzzles will put you all to the test!

Originally created in lockdown of 2020 as a way to solve puzzles without being with your fellow players. The Power of Four can be played over the phone, over video call and of course in person. A second volume with seven brand new quadrilateral challenges joined the series in 2023.

The game is straightforward, work as a team of four to solve seven four-sided puzzles, the only catch - you can't see what your other players have in front of them. You'll have to be good at describing what you see!

Though The Power of Four is a Paper Labyrinth puzzle book, it's not part of the original series so you don't have to have solved either of those prior to playing this!

This games are available as both a digital downloads and paperback books.

(Paperback copies contain a code that allows you to get the digital version free.)

Digital Downloads

Both Volume I and II are available as digital downloads so that you can print and play at home, or share files digitally with each of your players!

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Paperback Editions

Exactly the same as the digital downloads, but in physical paperback books.

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