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The Paper Labyrinth Series

Every page solved sends you somewhere else in the book... Can you solve our bestselling puzzle book series?

Flick from page to page as you try to complete the riddles and puzzles of The Paper Labyrinth.

The Paper Labyrinth is a collection of puzzles and riddles that are all interconnected in some way, be it leading you to another page within the book, or being a component of a puzzle you are already working on.

The books don't require the internet either (except to check a code at the end of Book 1!) so you can take them with you anywhere.

The series comprises of two main parts; 'The Paper Labyrinth' and 'Return to the Paper Labyrinth'.


The Paper Labyrinth

Released in 2019, this is the first part of the adventure. Solve riddles and puzzles to navigate a twisting journey through the books pages...



Return to the Paper Labyrinth

Released in 2021, the second half of the Paper Labyrinth adventure continues immediately from the end of 'The Paper Labyrinth'.

This book contains even more puzzles than the original and this part of your puzzling journey is even more labyrinthine...



The Complete Edition

Play both parts of the adventure in one book! Also includes 'The Power of Four' and a mini bookmarks game.

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