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Architect (The Paper Labyrinth)

An all new Paper Labyrinth challenge!

With over 100 new puzzles to tackle, Architect continues The Paper Labyrinth series with a new twist...

Before you can tackle the puzzles, you must first figure out exactly which page is which!

Architect is divided up in to five chapters, each with a slightly different style of play. All of these chapters however start in the same way, with a page of Architect's Notes. These notes can be used to figure out all of the page numbers within that chapter, and then you can start the puzzles!

In true Paper Labyrinth style, every page solved will lead you to another page, or be part of a larger puzzle.

Architect contains a wide selection of different styles and difficulties of puzzle, enough to keep you occupied for hours!

Hints and Solutions are also available at the back of the book should you need them!

Architect is available as a paperback edition only.

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