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An office worker vanished in 2003 and an unplugged fax machine began printing cryptic sheets of paper. Are these strange occurrences connected?

In 2003, an office worker mysteriously disappeared and reappeared one week later with no explanation, that is if you discount The Facsimile Collection, strange printed messages that seemed to appear out of nowhere once he had returned.

Finally they have been assembled together for you to solve. Are they a hoax, or are they somehow connected to the disappearance? 'Facsimile' is an interconnected puzzle adventure based on a fictional tale. A variety of puzzle styles and difficulties, all culminating in a thrilling final mega-puzzle. (But only for the most devoted problem solvers!)

The book also features hints and answers sections at the back should you need an assistance on your quest!

Paperback Edition

Think you can solve it?

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