The Last Pyramid



Embark on a full colour adventure through a pyramid floating in outer space, solve puzzles and discover mysteries as you find your escape!

The Last Pyramid also allows you to interact with certain puzzles online and replay some of your favourites too!

The Paper Labyrinth : The Power of Four

Four heads are better than one!


Created especially for 2020, join forces with three friends over video call for this new four-sided puzzle activity.

On average, players get 60-80 minutes of fun!

The Paper Labyrinth  



Flick from page to page as you enter a labyrinth of interconnected riddles and puzzles.

A range of riddles and puzzle styles that create one long and addictive puzzle journey!

StoneKeeper : The Invitation  

A great adventure is about to begin.

Warm up your mind with this print-at-home mini game created by the mysterious StoneKeepers.

Suitable for ages 10+!

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